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    Visible changes are characterized by swelling or pastosity of Priligy site, pain on palpation (palpation), as in the skin form, the skin over the focus becomes cyanotic with a purple tint. An opening of a purulent infiltrate with the formation of a fistula may also occur. The fistula goes to the surface of the skin, fistulas can open both on the chest and in the lumbar region.

  • There is a breakthrough of the infiltrate into the large bronchus itself, in which the patient has an abundant discharge of purulent sputum when coughing. Complications are damage to the heart and buy Priligy pills. This form is usually difficult, without timely medical care, the outcome can be unfavorable.

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The genitourinary form of actinomycosis is an infrequent manifestation of the disease. Risk factors are chronic inflammatory diseases of the urinary system and genital organs, IUDs, urolithiasis, and surgical interventions. Most often, infiltrates are formed in neighboring systems, and the genitourinary system is affected a second time, that is, it grows into the pelvic organs, for example, as a result of the abdominal form.

The nervous form (actinomycosis of the central nervous system) develops in most cases a second time after the formation of the cervicofacial form. The infection spreads by lymphogenous, hematogenous or contact. Formed meningitis, meningoencephalitis or brain abscess. When spreading through the bloodstream, multiple actinomycomas can form in the brain. Complaints of patients coincide with those of meningitis and encephalitis (headaches, nausea and vomiting, symptoms of damage to the cranial nerves, and others). The spinal cord may also be involved in the process.

Dapoxetine pills of the foot (mycetoma, Madura foot) is characterized by the formation on the plantar surface of the foot of a dense node or several nodes ranging in size from 1 cm or more, over which the skin color subsequently begins to change from reddish-violet to purple-bluish. There is swelling of the foot, pain when walking due to swelling (the nodes themselves are practically painless). Then the node is opened and a fistula is formed on the surface of the skin.

The discharge of the fistula, as well as in other forms, has a purulent character with bloody inclusions and yellowish specks of actinomycete drusen, has an earthy or fetid odor. Often, the process can progress and move to the rear of the foot, the surrounding muscle tissue, tendons, and bone tissue. The process is more often one-sided, has a chronic character (decades).

  • Rare forms affect such organs and systems as the thyroid gland, tonsils, nose, middle ear, tongue, organs of vision, salivary glands, pericardium.
  • Preliminary diagnosis - clinical and anamnestic.
  • At the initial visit of the patient, a correctly collected anamnesis can help in making a presumptive diagnosis and determine the correct algorithm for the doctor's further actions.

The anamnesis of the patient's life matters: injuries, surgical interventions, the presence of chronic foci of infection. Clinically, the initial stages of the disease are difficult to diagnose; most patients consult doctors of various specialties for a long time before a correct diagnosis is made.

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